Planning for the future of work

How Rapid7 is setting the foundation for a flexible, hybrid workplace.

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Curious to know how other workplace teams are planning for the future? Listen to our conversation with Jamie Kinch, VP of Real Estate and Workplace Experience at Rapid7.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • The technology Rapid7 is using technology and data to support their return-to-office plans

  • How Rapid7 are designing a productive hybrid workplace that suits a variety of employee needs

  • How Jamie’s team will foster collaboration and employee experience in a post-pandemic work environment

Jamie Kinch_Rapid7

Jamie Kinch
VP Real Estate & Workplace Experience




"What we've enjoyed the most with OfficeSpace? It’s just been very easy to work with. It's a very progressive piece of software and it was easy to get up and running. It's really been frictionless.

Jamie Kinch
Vice President of Real Estate and Workplace Experience

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