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Drive collaboration. Book rooms any way you like, see how your spaces are being used with intuitive dashboards.


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Manage everything in one place

Workplace Intelligence Dashboards

Understand utilization, occupancy, and allocation data. Discover the cost of underused locations.

Desk Booking

Flexible desk booking for employees plus real-time insights on utilization.

Space Management

From shuffles and restacks to day-to-day moves, adds, changes.

Interactive Floorplans

Help employees find, connect, and book the resources they need for productivity.

Visitor Management

Check in visitors, packages, and deliveries and instantly notify employees on-site.

ARCTERYX_logo.svg "The user-friendly interface and features have increased staff engagement resulting in more data for our space analytics."

Book rooms in seconds.

Help teams find the perfect room with all the right gear for every meeting type, see room photos, add guests, then book via:

  • Outlook
  • Google Calendar
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Room Displays

Enterprise-ready, Room Booking Pro integrates & connects with your tech stack out of the box.



Microsoft Outlook

Book with Outlook and get suggestions for the perfect room based on your attendees' locations.



Google Calendar

Add, change, and manage rooms directly in Google Calendar without  IT support.


Get your room mix right.

Understand room utilization, track trends, & make data-driven decisions with real-time reports that analyze:  

  • Which rooms are under-used
  • Which rooms are in-demand
  • What capacity & room count you need
  • Whether you have the right amount, size, configuration & availability of rooms to support teams

"We now have great data and reporting in OfficeSpace to see what the true utilization of the office is."



Room Booking Report - details

Numbers that speak for themselves.

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"It's straightforward to use and allows me to easily book and share the day I am in the office with my teammates. Distributed teams are already hard to manage, so being able to have in-person engagement and interaction with my team is essential!

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Integrations for every stage of your hybrid journey.

Save everyone time with a platform that integrates with all of the tools and technology you know and love — with room to add on as you go. 

  WiFi      Badges    Sensors

Connected, integrated, and hybrid ready.

Take care of the now and prepare for the future with the only Room Booking software that grows with you.


Companies with highly-engaged employees are 21% more profitable according to Forbes, create the right office experience.



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